Private Lessons

Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics offers private lessons for those interested in improving their skills, flexibility or strength in dance, gymnastics, or whatever your might want lessons in. Our instructors will provide an assessment by meeting with the student and parent to ensure the best regiment is developed to attain the goals of the student.

Our instructors are dedicated, motivational and highly trained to provide our students the optimum opportunity to improve. We take into consideration the schedules of both the student and the accredited instructor to provide the most convenient times available.

Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics does not discriminate against any athlete, we offer our private lessons to anyone who wishes to improve on their ability to enhance their fitness. You do not need to be enrolled in a class to take advantage of private lessons. We do reserve the right to offer our current students the first right to private lessons.

Birthday Parties

Looking for the best gymnastics or dance birthday parties in the Triangle? Your child's birthday celebration is truly an unforgettable experience at Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics. One hour and thirty minutes of gymnastics or dance fun followed by 30 minutes in our party room. You provide the refreshments and we provide the fun and cleanup!

One of the most liked aspects of our birthday parties is that your party guests have the entire gym all to themselves for the one hour and thirty minutes. Faulkner's has been doing fun-filled and talked about parties, for over 35 years. Each one of our parties is supervised by our specially trained, safety conscious, expert staff. Each party is assigned a host that will assist you from the moment you walk in, to the moment you leave. We feel that you should have no-stress day and concentrate on having fun with your friends and family.

Dance Recital

Time to shine, this is an opportunity for our students to show off their skills to parents, family and friends. All their hard work and excitement can be captured in photos or video tape. This is an incredible opportunity for children to experience how proud we are as parents of our children and their commitment to dance, gymnastics, voice, piano, guitar or whatever your child participates in at Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics.

Students are given an opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned. Recitals are open to all Faulkner's students. Doing Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics annual recital is not mandatory. The annual recital provides a positive reinforcement for the child, by having the opportunity to wear special costume attire and encouraging the reinforcement of fitness being rewarding.

A professional photographer and videographer are available at recitals for those interested in purchasing a posed portrait to capture the special day or a video of the entire performance. Individual photographs are available at another date.

Facility Rental

Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics is available for private parties that include church services, bridge tournaments, board meetings, receptions, family reunions. Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics are opened to meet your needs. Please let us know if you are interested in renting Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics. For more information regarding rentals please contact Faulkner's Gymnastics Operations Director Mich Faulkner.

Seminars and Events

Faulkner's is always striving to bring dance and gymnastics to the community by hosting, sponsoring, or participating in a variety of seminars and events. For instance, in 2011, Faulkner's members helped to break the World Handstand Record on National Gymnastics day. Faulkner's has hosted Courtney Kupets, Miranda Maleski, Jessica King, Paula Miller, Michelle Brooke, Miles Avery, Miranda Hucks, Jason Samuels Smith, Sue Samuels, Lane Napper, Cynthia Vallone, Ken Prescott, Ariana DeBose, Sheila Barker, and many other gymnastics and dance professionals for special seminars. Our students also travel to participate in seminars such as the Jump National Workshop.

Stay tuned to see what we'll be working on next!

2018 Summer Camps

It's that time again - time to start thinking about activities for next summer! If you want your kid to spend the summer having a great time while learning new skills, staying active, and making friends, look no further than Faulkner's! Flexibility is the name of the game with your choice of half or full day camps, eight different weeks available, and the option for early drop off and late pick up.