Faulkner's Management

Our Story

Faulkner's is owned and directed by Sue, Mike and Mich Faulkner. Sue and Mike Faulkner were elected as Orange County Key Volunteers for 2006. Learn more about them on the faculty page:

Faulkner's Dance and Gymnastics began as Faulkner's Fancy Footsters in 1976 in the basement of Sue and Mike Faulkner's home. After three moves, they are now located at 205 Millstone Drive in a huge (approximately 14,000 square foot) 2-story building, fully padded for safety, 33 foot ceilings, clean, sterilized and deoderized on a daily basis. And of course...kid-friendly. Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics is the home for fun and an educational experiences for over 43 years. A strong commitment to dancers, gymnasts and their families has earned them an outstanding reputation in Hillsborough and the surrounding areas. Faulkner's is Family owned and operated since 1976.

Faulkner's Gymnastics Staff are all members of USA Gymnastics as well as Safety Certified. Faulkner's Gymnastics Operations Director and Faulkner's Competitive Gymnastics Director are also CPR and First Aid Certified. Faulkner's Gymnastics Operations Director is also a Certified Personal Trainer Certified and a Certified Meet Director of Women's USA Gymnastics Sanction Events.

Faulkner's Director of Dance and Artistic Director has been a member of Dance Educators of America for over 30 years. Faulkner's Ballroom Staff is certified through USA Dance.

Our Mission and Principles

The goal at Faulkner's and their staff is to share their love of dance and gymnastics with their students. In so doing, the students grow into mature adults; Faulkner's helps children find an outlet for their energy and creativity. Many past students continue to use their dance and gymnastics. Presently six former students have their own thriving studios. Also, some of our past gymnasts have become United States of America Gymnastics Association judges, meet directors and college cheerleaders. Others have performed on television and in movies. Since 1980, students have competed in dance and gymnastic competitions and have won numerous regional and national awards.

We realize that from the earliest years of every child's life success is achieved through physical activities. The mission of Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics is for all participants to gain enhanced self-worth, self-confidence, and an "I can" attitude. Our students are faced with physical and mental challenges in the safe environment of our dance and gymnastics facility and find solutions by learning new and exciting skills. As our athletes progress, we are happy for their gymnastic and dance accomplishments, but even more proud that we foster the ability in each person to say "I CAN!"

At Faulkner's, we believe that everyone who participates in our programs receive the same quality coaching regardless of ability. Each student is unique and should be treated as individuals. We want every student to leave each session feeling successful in what they have accomplished that day. Every child can gain self-confidence, discipline and poise through our dance, gymnastics and many other programs offered at Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics.

Faulkner's has the resources, staff and connections to help your child reach their maximum ability. If this means gymnastics, acting, all styles of dance, voice, guitar, physically challenged, break dancing, clogging, etc., ask today how to make your child's dream come true.

Our Principles

  • We understand that all students are individuals and will be treated as such
  • We strive to develop the unique talents and abilities of each student
  • We will treat all students with respect and honesty
  • We will create a loving and open environment where students feel safe to express themselves
  • We will teach students to treat others with respect and honesty
  • We will ensure the highest quality physical, mental and emotional training at each level
  • We will encourage the improvement of fitness, self-confidence and self-esteem

Our Facility

Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics offers a safe environment for girls and boys of all ages to explore and gain athletic skills. Our programs use fun as the number one teaching tool. We are staffed with highly qualified and competent coaches and assistants. Every activity is designed with your child in mind to build motor skills, agility, coordination, self-respect, and personal discipline through individualized athleticism.

Faulkner's facility is equipped with the most updated equipment of today. A closed circuit monitoring system, will allow you to watch your child's class on a monitor in the lobby. Faulkner's is a fully handicapped accessible facility. Faulkner's offers free wireless to all of its customers.


Faulkner's gymnastics equipment includes: Olympic Size Foam Filled Pit and Spring Floor (foam pit cleaned on a regular basis), Spring Tumbling Strip, Olympic Balance Beams and Training Beams, Vaulting Table with Olympic Run, Strap Bars, Level 4 Vaulting System, Ropes, Leg Lift Bars, Spring Boards, Olympic Sets of Uneven Bars, Mirrors, Rings, State of the Art Sound System, Pit Bar, Tumble Track, Sting Mats, air board, and spotting block.


Faulkner's 6 Dance Rooms include the most updated floors and equipment of today and designed for preschoolers up to adult. Six dance rooms with Sprung Floors, State of the Art Sound Systems, Mirrors and Ballet Bars. Piano and keyboard in our musical room.

Parental Responsibility

  • Please bring your child to Faulkner's Dance & Gymnastics with enough time to get ready before the class is scheduled to begin; warm-ups at the beginning of the class are extremely important!
  • After the class has started, you are welcome to observe from the observation area or leave the building for the duration of the class.
  • Your child must be picked up in a timely manner (within 10 minutes of the end of class). If children are left for more than an hour, we are required to contact you.
  • Be sure to update our staff records with accurate phone numbers as necessary.